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Allspace Self Storage Costa Mesa Helpful Tips

When packing your unit always try to leave room for walkways and access points

to make getting to items easier and less shuffling of boxes and furniture later

when your storage unit is full.

Stacking boxes in a uniform fashion will make better use of your space and will

keep your items safer with fewer chances of boxes falling.

Remember to always keep your heavier items stacked at the bottom with lighter

items stacked on top. Use taller/heavier items (furniture, appliances etc) to help

secure your stacked boxes from falling.

Make sure your boxes are full if possible so that when stacking it will prevent

them from caving in and possibly falling. Newspaper or any type of moving

material will work.

If you’re storing any equipment in your unit like machinery or lawn-mowers make

sure you wipe them down first and remove any oils, grease or lubricants that can

cause rust or other items to get ruined if stored together.

If storing appliances keep the doors ajar to help with moisture. Always keep

water lines and hoses that go with the specific appliance together either inside

the appliance or taped to the side making it easier later when you want to use it

to find all the needed parts.

We always use special storage locks for security, but take an added precaution

and move your more valuable items away from the front of your unit and not as

easily accessible making it harder for others to find them.

To keep your furniture and boxed items well protected you always want to guard

against moisture and humidity. Leaving walkways will help lower moisture and

also using blankets and linens in-between your items helps too. If you have

blankets or rugs that you can put on the floor this will lower moisture in your unit

as well.

Never keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage building. This

includes gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids or paint thinner, propane. If you’re storing

any machinery that runs on gas, always drain the tank before you store it.

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